Our Team

Maximilian Spitzbarth - Industrial Business Management Trainee

My name is Maximilian, I’m 20 years old and since the start of September 2020 I’m in a traineeship at atlas diamant GmbH to become an industrial business management assistant. I decided to start this traineeship after achieving my a-levels, because of its balance between theoretical and practical training. 



The industrial business management assistant traineeship is special among other traineeships for several reasons. First of all you need your a-levels or technical diploma, as a second the main focus is beside the economical topics also on languages. The traineeship itself is split into two parts, on the one hand there is the theoretical part provided by a vocational school, on the other hand there is the practical part which takes place in the training company. After two and a half years the final exams must be passed to complete the traineeship.



Since my start in September 2020 I got to know many departments at atlas diamant GmbH. Most of the time I’m at the sales department, but I also got a lot of interesting insights into other departments like production, accounting and warehouse. These insights are very useful to coordinate my work with my colleagues and to understand their views and opinions.


Some of the most important things I learned so far are to work organized, effectively and independently as well as the right way to handle customers and colleagues and act professionally in general.