German Ideas for International Needs

Our company was founded in 1988 by Peter and Gerlinde Büttgenbach and taken over by Jörg de Signier in 2016.


 The combination of trade goods

and our own production remains a guarantee of our company's success.


Producing our own diamond segments enables us to manufacture custom tools in line with our clients' requirements, in addition to standardized tools.


The high quality of manufacturing makes innovations possible.

Innovations are then protected by patents and utility models.


It all begins with listening to our clients' needs. Ideas then become tools.

Your prototypes are tested under real conditions, on site, which leads to serial production.

Finally, your new product is ready for the market, whether as "private label article" or under our own well-regarded brand "Atlas Diamant". 


Our international clientele confirms that we are on the right track. 

Join us in this adventure!


"We have dedicated, loyal and longstanding employees." — Jörg de Signier